Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Fashion & Beauty Features on Dixie Diva Deals!

There are so many fantastic Fall Trends that I want right now! Unfortunately, I am on a budget - BUT - I am not going to let that hold me back. I recently made a commitment to improve my overall lifestyle which means dressing stylishly instead of grabbing a pair of $3 Jeans and a sweater that is too sizes too big that I bought because it was 90% off. 
As part of my "From Dowdy to 'Diva'licioius" Event, I will be posting many Fashion Finds for my readers. I am also going to be posting a lot more about one of my favorite topics, Beauty and Cosmetics! I worked for years in the cosmetics industry and it has ALWAYS been one of my passions. Weird for someone to be obsessed with beauty products and skin care I suppose but - I am pretty different! I can't wait to start posting all my finds, reviews and even giveaways for all my FANTASTIC readers. Remember, Divalicious starts Wednesday with a Giveaway and Review for 3 lucky readers from alternaVites! I will also have reviews and/or giveaways for MIRACLEBODY JEANS!!!, Dali Decals, Nachomama Tees and so many other wonderful companies. I can't wait!!!