Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From Dowdy to "Diva"licious by December - A New Challenge from Dixie Diva Deals


I am getting a makeover - I don't just mean a new hairstyle and wardrobe - I am getting a full on, total lifestyle makeover.
I have made a commitment to myself and to my family to create a healthier, happier me. I looked at the areas of my life that I am not satisfied with and I made a list of short term goals that I will complete by the beginning of December.
This challenge DOES NOT end in December though. It will really just be getting a good start then. These lifestyle changes will hopefully continue to take place throughout the rest of my life. When I mark a goal off the list, a new one will immediately take its place.
I am not only going to be making over my self, I am also going to be bringing great product reviews and giveaways to my readers. I am currently searching for the best in Fashion, Beauty, Home Care, Cleaning, Diet and Food Products to bring to you. I am kicking this event off with a giveaway from AlternaVites and a giveaway from my Avon sponsor! The Challenge doesn't start until next week but we're getting a  head start on all the giveaway fun to get you inspired and ready to get glam!
The lifestyle changes that I am focusing on for these first 40 days will focus on my appearance and health. When I say appearance, I mean that I want to improve the way I dress, get a low maintenance but stylish new hairstyle, invest in some awesome accessories like some sparkling new jewelry and stylish new shoes and handbags. I want to bring products to you all that will help busy moms look fantastic without spending a fortune or taking up hours of our time. I am on the lookout for fashionable clothing that is flattering, low maintenance (too many dry clean only items aren't good) and affordable. I am also searching for timeless pieces that will last for years. Those are the items that are worth what you pay for them. The accessories can make the outfit so I will do my best to bring you some fabulous jewelry, shoes, handbags and more! My main goal is to greatly improve my outward appearance in general.
Now for the health goals. I am aiming to improve my own overall health by making changes like taking a multivitamin every day, exercising a certain amount, losing a bit of weight but doing it in a healthy way and numerous other tweaks to my current routine. But when I say that health is a top priority, I also mean the health of my family, health of my relationships and of my environment-my home, local and global environments.
In my home environment, I am committed to purging the items that are cluttering up my life. If it isn't a necessity and it hasn't been used, it's going to the Goodwill. I also want to improve OUR health by improving the health of our home environment. This means improving our air and water quality as well as making sure this house is safe in every way. I am searching for wonderful organizational and cleaning products. I also want to make sure the products are safe for us and for the environment. If any of you have any suggestions for some wonderful Eco friendly products or tips for green cleaning, just let me know!
I am so incredibly excited about this ongoing event. I am anticipating the wonderful changes that are about to get underway in my life and the lives' of my family members. I hope that many of you will take me up on this challenge. Feel free to list the ways that you are going from Dowdy to "Diva"licious by December. Also, if you have any tips for how to go from frumpy housewife to fantastic hottie, please share! Time saving beauty and fashion tips as well as frugal fashion and beauty tips are welcome and encouraged too.
So please join me a week from today - Wednesday, October 20, 2010 for some great inspiration, wonderful product reviews and even a few fantastic giveaways!