Thursday, April 7, 2011

Free Planet Protectors Kit - Order Up to 30 Free Kits

Free Planet Protectors Kits: I've posted this before but I thought that I would re-post in case anyone wanted to order it now and hopefully get it in time for Earth Day. This is a FANTASTIC kit that is packed with activities, stickers, official Planet Protectors Badge, Activity Calendar and many more fun and educational materials. You can order one Planet Protector Kit or order up to 30 of each piece to create your own kits for class room or groups. There is also a space below the kit request where you can ask for more than one complete kit and have a good explanation of why you need multiple, assembled kits. 
If you haven't already ordered this great free kit, I highly recommend ordering it now - your little one will love it! It has activities for grades K through 5.