Thursday, April 7, 2011

$10 CVS Gift Card for $5 and Many Other Deals

I had never heard of We Shop until tonight. It is a very unique site but it has tons of fantastic deals including ta half price CVS gift card. Here are a few details on how to get the deal:

-Go to this link to try for the CVS gift card deal
-Click Connect with Facebook Account
-You'll then receive 20 coins to play the slot machine(see below for why you would want to play).
-Play game to win deals. One of the deals will be (if they don't run out) $5 for a $10 Gift Card to CVS
-Go to your WeShop inbox to purchase the deals you want
On WeShop, there are many deals you can just select and purchase but for the CVS deal and most of the other really good ones, you have to play a slot machine game and win access to the deals. Most-if not all- who have played seem to also be winning the CVS deal. I won it and a few people have won it multiple times. You will also have the opportunity to purchase a few other deals that include half off gift certificates from other stores.  You don't have to purchase anything. If you win a deal and don't want to buy it you just don't purchase it - it's that simple. If you do want it, select it at any time (quantities are limited so if you win the  CVS deal and you want it, I suggest buying it asap)then pay with paypal or credit card. I know it sounds complicated with my description but it's really easy to figure out once you get to the site. Have fun! I hope you get a lot of deals you love!