Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Great Stocking Stuffer PLUS a Healthy Way to Start the New Year: alternaVites Review Update

I reviewed alternaVites a few weeks ago for my Divalicious Makeover Feature. I have now been taking alternaVites for over a month and I can't imagine taking any other daily multi vitamins. My energy has increased, I see a positive difference in my hair and skin plus I have found it easier to stick to my healthy eating plan.

alternaVites are the only vitamins that I have ever taken on a regular, consistent basis. I am able to take them daily because alternaVites are NOT in the form of a huge, pill - alternaVites are in the form of a crystallized powder that instantly dissolves on  your tongue. They are extremely convenient because of the single dose stick like packets that fit in purses, pockets, diaper bags, etc. Because of their high potency and superior quality ingredients, great taste, portability and the extremely easy to take formula, I can't imagine ever needing any other multi vitamin! I highly recommend alternaVites to anyone who wants a fantastic daily multi vitamin that is easy to take, convenient and leaves no after taste.
Here is a portion of my previous review for more information about alternaVites:
alternaVites: Keep the Vitamins, Lose the Pill
  I was offered the opportunity to review a new type of vitamin, unlike anything on the market. This product has made it possible for me and millions of other Americans who either can't swallow pills or have a hard time swallowing pills, to finally take a high quality multi vitamin on a consistent, daily basis. alternaVites contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals and is in the form of crystals that dissolve instantly when you place them on your tongue. You simply open the packet, pour on your tongue and it completely dissolves in an instant, making taking vitamins and quick and pleasant experience. There is no need for water, no mixing - it is incredibly fast & easy. alternaVites have a sweet berry flavor and they are conveniently packaged in small, stick packets that can be stored in a pocket, purse - virtually anywhere - making them a great choice for people on the go . 
One of the few things that most people can actually agree on is the importance of taking a quality multi vitamin on a daily basis. For most people, this may seem like an incredibly easy thing to do, but for me and millions of other Americans, it is anything but easy. I can swallow pills usually, but if they are large, like most vitamins, they often get lodged in my throat. If you’ve had this happen to you, you know it is an incredibly unpleasant-not to mention painful- situation. It can take hours for the pill to finally go down. 
Another problem I have with traditional multi vitamins is their taste and the way they smell - I just can’t tolerate it. Plus, it is difficult to find one supplement that contains all the vitamins and minerals that I want so I would have to take multiple pills, sometimes more than once a day. It would several minutes to sort the pills and put them into an organizer the night before, then it would take another several minutes to try to get the vitamins down my throat. After a few days, I would just quit taking the vitamins altogether.  I have had a box of alternaVites for the past two weeks and I have been able to stick to my goal of taking a daily multi vitamin consistently. As part of my "From Dowdy to 'Diva'licious" Challenge, I wanted to make a real effort to improve my health and with alternaVites help, I am off to a great start !

I received a free sample of alternaVites to help facilitate my review but this did not affect my opinion in any way.