Friday, October 29, 2010

Shampowder Dry Shampoo Review:A Divalicious Beauty Essential

When there's no time to spare to wash your hair...Shampowder!

Product Details: Shampowder is the original pigmented dry shampoo with an all-in-one applicator. Shampowder hair powder allows you to have freedom between washings and will revive, volumize and deodorize your hair. By absorbing the oils that weigh down unwashed hair - lifeless hair is transformed into full, more manageable hair while the pigmented powder blends seamlessly, disguising the fact that you skipped a washing. The lightly vanilla scented powder comes in THREE shades and blends beautifully into an array of brunette, red, blonde, black and grey hair colors. This is the first hair powder with an attached brush applicator, so it's not messy when applied. 

My Take: I really wanted to try Shampowder because I have extremely sensitive skin and frequent shampooing severely irritates my scalp. I have tried other Dry Shampoos in the form of sprays and traditional powder that you have to shake or sprinkle on your hair. I found the sprinkle on powder to be messy and inconvenient. In both the spray powder and sprinkle on powder, the product comes out in bursts and you have to try to rub the product in and brush it repeatedly to distribute the product throughout your hair. Often, they can leave a white powdery residue on your hair and scalp. Plus it is nearly impossible to get the product where you want it.
Shampowder found a solution to this dilemma though. By putting the talc free mineral pigments in a convenient brush applicator, you can apply as much as you need, where you need it. Also, Shampowder comes in three different shades which allows the powder to easily blend with nearly any hair color. 
My hair is very fine and tends to look yucky if I don't shampoo it at least once a day. As I mentioned above, frequent shampooing irritates my scalp. The oil absorbing, talc free formula in Shampowder not only refreshes my hair, it also helps me achieve healthier hair and scalp because it makes daily shampooing unnecessary. Another benefit is when I use Shampowder, it provides much needed body to my fine hair. I also love the light, subtle vanilla fragrance that works to deodorize your hair. 
To apply Shampowder, you simply dab the brush where  your hair needs to be refreshed. When you first receive Shampowder, you just remove the seal, hold the brush downwards, with the cap on, and tap the side of the container to fill the brush with powder, then dab on the areas of your hair that need to be revitalized and that's it! It took a minute to get the brush filled with powder while it was new but that is to be expected. One thing I love about the design is that the brush has a twist up shield that also locks the cap in place. This keeps the bristles from becoming bent out of shape and also insures that the product won't spill out in your bag! Brilliant! 
My 5 year old also wanted to try Shampowder. She loved it too! Especially the fragrance. She has asked to use it nearly every day and I will put a little bit in her hair so she can smell the vanilla scent but I am careful to save most of the product for myself (yes I am stingy with the beauty products that I love).
The all in one brush applicator and container is very compact and easily fits in makeup bags and purses. This is a handy product to have in your gym bag after working out. It is also great to keep with you during the work day or while you're out and about on errands. One helpful tip is to keep the brush pointed downwards when you have it stored- this way there is ample powder on the brush when you get ready to apply Shampowder.

Verdict: On a scale of 1-5 Stars, I give Shampowder 5 Stars! It is convenient, helps achieve healthier hair, one tube lasts forever and it really improves my appearance by making my hair look clean and adding body.

Buy It: You can purchase Shampowder from Buttercream Cosmetics. There are three shades to choose from:Light for blondes, Dark for brunettes and redheads and Black for black hair. Price:$15.99


karenmed409 October 30, 2010 at 12:32 PM  

Love the product, hubby seen the ad for it and recommend that I put get it to add to my backpack while camping with our scouts. Thanks for the review, you have convinced me!

Anonymous,  October 31, 2010 at 3:24 PM  

I agreen with Karen.. Thanks to you review, you have convinced me to go buy some. I have real fine hair and mine tends to look yucky as well if I dont shampoo and condition it at least once a day. My scalp also gets dry very easy and this product sounds like it would help with both of those issues. Thank you.

Holly November 4, 2010 at 10:25 PM  

This really sounds good. Many times I go on mission trips where there may not be water. I like that it didn't dry out your scalp or irritate it.

Robyn November 12, 2010 at 1:26 PM  

oh wow, I had never heard of this product and am thrilled to read your review. My hair is so thin and looks yucky if I don't wash it once a day...sometimes even if I wash it in the morning by that evening it looks pretty bad. Alot of times showers are few and far between while hubby is at work but having dirty hair drives me crazy and I feel horrible. This is definitely a product for me to try out, it would help so much!