Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Love Bunnies Boutique: Perfect Accessories for Every Little Man's Wardrobe

Plaid Bow Tie - PERFECT for the Holiday Season!

Love Bunnies is a boutique on Etsy that specializes in hand made,  elegant and luxurious accessories. This wonderful shop has items for just about everyone on your list . The specialty of this boutique though is the beautiful selection of hand made neck ties and bow ties for little boys.
When you think of boutique accessories for babies or children, you probably think of little girls’ hair bows or hats - there just aren’t many options for little boys when it comes to clothing and accessories.
The owner of Love Bunnies is the lovely Melodie. A stay at home mother, Melodie started Love Bunnies because she found it increasingly difficult to find reasonably priced, quality items for her little man.  After much searching she realized that finding nice, affordable dress clothes for her son to wear to church or other events was next to impossible. She knew that other moms must be experiencing the same frustration. So she set out to create her own line of affordable and wonderful, high quality accessories for little boys.
When making the items in her shop, Melodie not only uses the finest fabrics, she also strives to use American made supplies. Another huge plus is that she uses eco- friendly materials like recycled cotton.
Even though she uses the best materials for her hand made items, she keeps her prices amazingly affordable. You are not likely to find such high quality, hand made accessories at such low prices elsewhere.
Melodie was generous enough to let me select a beautiful tie from her shop to review.  There were so many lovely ties to choose from that it took me a couple of days to decide. Each one of these beautiful ties would make the perfect addition to any little man’s wardrobe but I really wanted a sweet, classic bow tie. Eventually though, I chose the versatile blue/green striped neck tie. I loved the look of the tie but what sold me was the description that it was “perfect for boys who are a little rough and tumble”.

I was so pleased when the package from Love Bunnies arrived in the mail. It arrived quickly and was packaged beautifully in tissue paper and tied with a ribbon that matched the neck tie!  The tie itself is gorgeous. I absolutely love the stripes - to me, it almost seems to change colors depending on how the light hits the fabric.  I must apologize to Melodie and my readers - I have no clue how to tie a tie. You can see that from the pictures.

BUT you can also see that this little darling felt perfectly comfortable wearing this tie for hours. He actually had not worn a neck tie before so at first he was a bit angry at having it slipped over his head but that only lasted a second. He played, ate, played harder and destroyed a thing or two but he was perfectly comfortable with his first neck tie. In fact, after we took it off of him, he repeatedly tried to put it back on.  Our handsome little guy is actually a little younger than the recommended age for the tie but he still was able to wear it and had a skilled person actually tied his tie, it would have looked and fit even better.
As you can see in the photo, he REALLY likes to spread his food around - on his clothes, the furniture, the floor -everything. Luckily, the Oreo cookies came right off the tie with just a little dab. Another huge plus, this tie is machine washable! Also important, it is incredibly versatile. This striped neck tie can go from church to weddings, parties - pretty much anywhere. It can be worn with casual clothes or it can worn with dressy clothes. With khakis and a collared button up, it is great for church or any event. With jeans and a polo, it can be worn to a school function, birthday party or any special occasion. One of the moms at our play group remarked that it would make the perfect tie for Easter because of the yellow, blue and green. But we all also agreed that  it looks fantastic year round.
This tie can also fit multiple age groups.  The suggested age is 2-10 years but I can see it being worn for pictures by a tiny little newborn - one of those really cute pictures with the baby in a diaper and tie or a little onesie w/ a tie! I also think that if you could get Melodie to make a tie for your darling boy and a matching headband for  your darling daughter, they would make such adorable pictures!
I will definitely be visiting Love Bunnies boutique again this holiday season. There are gifts that will suit many hard to buy for individuals on my shopping list.  I have my eye on a few things for myself as well. Be sure to check out the adorable, handmade teddy bears, spa cloths and the exquisite set of cotton and lace dinner napkins.  I also noticed there are some gorgeous scarves that have been added to the shop.  As an exclusive offer for Dixie  Diva Deals readers, Love Bunnies is offering FREE SHIPPING on your purchase of $15 or more when you mention DixieDiva in conversations to seller! Visit today to get a head start on your little one’s holiday wardrobe!
Now that's how you tie a tie! Red Herringbone Necktie