Monday, September 20, 2010

Grab A Scabs! Yes They Sound Kinda Funny But They ARE AWESOME!

I LOVE Grab A Scabs - have you heard of them? I hadn't until a few weeks ago. I saw a giveaway on Miracle Momas Blog for Grab a Scab and I thought - scabs? -what? So  I read the review and this product really caught my attention so I entered - then I won! I am so happy because these are the cutest, most useful little things I have come across in a while. Any product that enhances my daughter's creativity and builds her self-esteem, plus helps me save "ruined" clothing is a must-have for me!! 

What are Scabs?

"Scabs are new. You have never seen anything like them before! Scabs are fun fabric sticker patches. Once they are on your things, they won’t come off-not in the wash, not at play-SCABS STAY PUT!
Scabs can go on anything-your backpack, your jeans, your bicycle.
Parents love Scabs because they are easy to use no ironing or sewing is required. Also, Scabs are durable and machine washable. They do not tear or fray or easily peel off. Kids love Scabs because they are fun! They can personalize and accessorize their own things, collect different Scabs and trade with their friends."

I love all of the above about Grab A Scab but also LOVE that they were created by a mom for moms, kids and families on the go. They are a fun way to encourage creativity and  a quick way to spruce up hand me downs or well worn clothing! Have a ripped back pack or a hole in your jeans? Add a scab! Is there a big pizza sauce stain on your shirt dad? Grab a an Arrrgggg scab for a skull and crossbones tough look. By the way, Arrrgggg is my daughter's favorite scab because of the Monster High craze but more about that below. 

Not only are they for decorative use, there are also patches for Food Allergies, Safety Patches -reflective patches that are made from the same material used on police cars, and even a Community Patch that raises money for the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ottawa. There are so many to choose from - my daughter wants one of each! Check out the Scabs In Action Gallery to see kids and proudly displaying their creatively placed scabs. 

My daughter- at 4 years old -was able to create a t-shirt completely on her own. There is no need for sewing, messy glue or ironing - which thrilled me because I can't sew at all, we have had some ironing craft mishaps in the past and dealing with hot glue guns is both messy AND dangerous. The "Scabs" arrived in the mail today and literally within minutes my daughter had made a Recycling T-shirt with absolutely no help from me. Now she not only has a "new" t-shirt that she absolutely loves, she is also very proud to have created her very own work of fashion art. Plus we used a t-shirt that could easily have been discarded - it had a small stain after only one wear. My daughter carefully placed the scab over the stain and viola! Now we "UPCYCLED" a shirt that promotes recycling! We also received an Aaarrgg scab. This one is skull and crossbones with black background. My daughter is into the Monster High craze right now so the Arg scab is the one she wanted the very most! We are in the process of designing a lovely, dazzling skull t-shirt that I will be sure to post when it's done. 
I love these adorable, useful and crafty products so much that I want my readers to try them too! I will be posting info soon about a Grab A Scab Promotion for Dixie Diva Deals readers!!! I am confident that you all will love them as much as my daughter and I do.