Friday, June 1, 2012

Freebie Roundup Friday

Here's a round up of the latest free stuff(I am still working on it so I will be updating it for the next half hour!)-including: magazines, eBooks, Health and Beauty Samples, Food & Beverage Freebies and More!!

Free Samples:
Free Food/Beverage:
Free Doughnuts Today (June 01) at Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, Price Chopper & Tim Horton's
Free Kindle & Other ebooks:
Easy-Breezy Brunch eCookbook: 26 Easy Brunch Recipes for Any Occasion is your easy guide to brunch done right. Our Easy-Breezy Brunch eCookbook is sure to turn your average Sunday into a weekend getaway!
Brownie Recipes-Scrumptious Chocolaty Goodness is within reach - we dare you not to try every single one! 
Kids, Events, Music & Misc.

Free 7 Day Pass to 24 Hour Fitness
Free Lego Mini Build at Lego Store

Spotify-Listen to millions of songs for free
Newsweek - Free Subscription

BabyTalk subscription-FREE

American Baby Subscription - Free

Ebony 1 Year Subscription Free (often has high value coupons, last month had fantastic P&G coupon booklet)

Popular Science  Subscription -Free

Latina Magazine Subscription - FREE *also great for couponers! Had a high value P&G magazine inside recently!

Wall Street Journal FREE (worth over $50!)