Friday, June 1, 2012

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About Dinner For One:
Cooking a great dinner for one need not be a hassle.

With tips and tricks on how to buy, store and prepare just enough food for a single serve. Dinner for One, can show you how you can enjoy the meals you love and throw away your frozen packaged dinner lifestyle for good.

Each recipe has been perfectly proportioned for one serve. 

Diane Lennon first learned to cook in her Italian grandmother's kitchen, before supermarket chains, before factory farming and mass produced processed foods. A time when you bought your meat at the local butcher and your vegetables at the market or local greengrocer. 

She will show how it is possible to cook for one and eat fresh healthy food by buying from and supporting local farmers and suppliers and why the cheapest supermarket processed foods are not necessarily the best for you or for the environment.

Diane Lennon lives in Switzerland. She decided to write this cookbook after searching in vain for a book for the single cook.

Having raised a family and now living happily alone, she is a committed locavore encouraging the support for local Swiss farmers and producers rather than the global corporate model where food reaches consumers through a chain of processors/manufacturers, shippers and retailers.