Monday, August 1, 2011

Clean Your Washing Machine with Affresh for Fresh Smelling, Clean Washer & Laundry

For the past several weeks, my washing machine has been clean and free from the smell of mildew and odor causing bacteria, thanks to Affresh washing machine tablets! I have a front loading washer and in the past, it has had a buildup of residue and a stinky mildew smell that started a few weeks after I got it. I tried to clean it using the clean cycle but it didn’t get rid of the buildup on the window or the smell.
I got the chance to become an Affresh ambassador and I tried out the first tablet right away. It eliminated the odors and the residue that had accumulated on the window and other places in the washer. Affresh tablets are able to get into hard to reach areas and destroy the dirt and odor causing bacteria.
Since that first week, I have continued to use Affresh tablets and I couldn’t be more pleased. My laundry is REALLY dirty so my washer gets REALLY dirty. By continuing to use the tablets once a month, I keep my washing machine effortlessly clean. Affresh prevents the odor causing bacteria and residue and keeps my washer and clothes from smelling like mildew.
Have you ever noticed a funky smell or a mildew odor coming from your washer?
When you really think about it, having a dirty washing machine nearly defeats the purpose of washing your clothes - yeah you get the visible stuff off your laundry but the bacteria and germs transfer to your clothes sometimes - eew! Affresh helps you achieve a thoroughly clean machine that not only efficiently washes your clothes but cleaning your washer can also maintain the life of the appliance!
About Affresh: In an effort to combat odor-causing residue that can accumulate in all brands of high-efficiency (HE) and traditional top-load washing machines, Whirlpool Corporation (NYSE: WHR), the industry leader in laundry, developed Affresh® Power Puck™ tablets, a simple, yet effective product to help clean and prevent residue build-up. As the leader that introduced large-capacity, front-load laundry to the United States, Whirlpool is the pioneer for this new washer cleaning technology that is changing the industry. Affresh® washer cleaner helps remove and prevent odor-causing residue build-up that can accumulate in all brands and configurations of washers. The oxygenated bubbling action of Affresh® Power Puck™ tablets penetrates and dissolves unseen residue, providing a more effective cleaning option than bleach alone.

If used once a month, Affresh® washer cleaner pouch prevents odor-causing residues from accumulating. Heavily soiled washers may require repeated treatments to remove traces of odor and residue. In this case, Whirlpool recommends running three successive washer cleaning cycles with one Affresh® Power Puck™ tablet in each.

For HE models, Whirlpool offers the Affresh® washer cleaning kit with three Power Puck™ tablets and six Grit Grabber™ cloths. Due to their more efficient design, HE washers seal more tightly and use less water than traditional top-load models, increasing the potential for residue build-up. The Affresh washer cleaning kit removes and prevents odor in areas that cannot be reached – such as behind the washer drink – and in areas that can be reached, such as around the rubber door seal and detergent dispenser. The hypoallergenic Grit Grabber™ cloths remove odor-causing build-up and lock it into the cloth.

Buy It: You can purchase Affresh® at retailers nationwide including Sears, Best Buy and Lowe’s, as well as supermarkets and The Affresh® products are available via a subscription through the Web site to help consumers save time and money. The product retails at $6.99 for a package of three tablets.

“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of affresh and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”