Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back to School Giveaway: Win Prefense Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer - 1 Application Lasts All Day! (Value $22)

This is a must have for back to school! Not only does this giveaway have a fantastic prize, it is the easiest giveaway to enter - simply leave a comment (see details below!)How great would it be to go to the store, mall, theme park - wherever - and not have to worry about constantly applying hand sanitizer to your kids' hands and your own hands? I have found an awesome product called Prefense Hand Sanitizer that not only kills dangerous bacteria and germs, it is also alcohol free and lasts all day long with just one application!

About Prefense:
-Sanitizes skin and nails on contact but is also ALCOHOL FREE - contains soothing botanicals to prevent drying, redness and chapping. (woohoo! no more dry, chapped and cracked hands!)
-Easy and fast foam application - Proactively and persistently offers protection from germs for up to 24 hours or 10 hand washes without reapplication.(FANTASTIC - I can apply to everyone's hands before we head out and I don't have to stop every 5 minutes to pull out the wipes or sanitizer when my child sticks her hand in the mall's garbage can to pull out a used cup from Chik Fil A)
- Protects against staph, strep, E.coli, drug resistant MRSA strains, and more. Prefense kills bacteria and germs that other sanitizers can't!!
-Forms a protective antibacterial barrier on the skin-kills germs and bacteria by acting like a glove with tiny spikes that penetrate the bacteria wall and kill the germs that are lurking around on the surface (again, quite useful since it destroys the germs that are on whatever disgusting item my child grabs from the bathroom floor)
My Take:
If your children are anything like mine, they grab everything they shouldn't - like "trinkets" that are in public garbage cans, used kleenex, stuff that is lying in the road or anywhere for that matter - even behind a toilet. My daughter in particular loves to grab anything she thinks is interesting - she once tried to get a penny out of a public toilet so you see what I'm dealing with here! Besides needing to kill the tons of dangerous bacteria that my daughter accumulates throughout the day, I take care of my father who nearly died from MRSA. He has numerous health problems so his immune system is very weak and it's important that we protect our family from as many germs and other dangerous strains of bacteria as possible. 
So know you know why I jumped at the chance to review Prefense! I loved it so much that I wanted to share Prefense with my readers - they have also generously agreed to give one lucky reader the large 8 oz. Prefense Hand Sanitizer (on sale right now for $16.99!) - this size bottle contains 640 applications!!

Prefense is not only healthier than traditional alcohol based hand sanitizers, it also saves you a good bit of money. Because Prefense "one spray lasts all day", their sanitizer only costs about .08 per day compared with $1.20 per day with traditional hand sanitizers. Take a look at the other benefits - Prefense is safe for kids while traditional sanitizers can be toxic and flammable, Prefense lasts all day while traditional sanitizers only last for seconds. There are numerous other benefits to choosing Prefense over alcohol based sanitizers. 
Great for Cashiers, Tellers, Nurses, TEACHERS, Students and More:
Prefense would be fantastic for anyone working around money like cashiers or bank tellers, anyone in the healthcare field, any one who works around children  - if you're a teacher, how great would it be to have a bottle of Prefense on your desk and have the kids apply it when they come in each morning. I bet that you'd see a drop off in the number of colds and other bugs that go around each year! 
Have a child going to camp? Throw a bottle of Prefense or a pack of Prefense anti-bacterial wipes in their bag! Also, if you know any kids who are going off to college, Prefense wipes or hand sanitizer would be great for them. It's also wonderful for anyone like me who is around elderly or sick parents or other relatives. If you visit nursing homes or hospitals with your church, Prefense is great to have on hand and it is also great for a gift. Add it to a get well basket or a gift for new graduate who is going off to college!

Buy It: You can purchase Prefense Hand Sanitizer in 1.5 oz or 8 oz. and Prefense Hand Sanitizing Wipes at the Online Store here. All items are on sale right now! Get the Sanitizing Wipes or 1.5 oz Hand Sanitizer for just $6.99 each and the 8 oz. Hand Sanitizer is on sale for just $16.99! You can also check the store locator here to find out if Prefense is sold near you.

Win it: This is a super easy giveaway - just complete ANY of the entries below. Get extra entries for each requirement you complete.

Disclosure: I received a free sample of this product for purposes of this review but it did not influence my opinion in any way. All views are my own and are from my experience with this product, I can not guarantee that you will have the same opinons.