Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FREE Weight Loss Cookbook: FaveDiets - Low Cost Healthy Recipes ebook

FaveDietsFaveDiets has gathered some of the best low cost dinner recipes to create this brand new healthy recipes FREE eCookbook, Cheap Recipes Made Easy: 25 Healthy Low Cost Recipes. This eCookbook is chock full of the tastiest low budget recipes that bring high quality taste to your home kitchen.
I love this cookbook because for me, finding easy and low cost, healthy and low cal meals is not easy but this FREE eCookbook from FaveDiets is filled with some of the best CHEAP and EASY recipes around including slow cooker recipes, vegetarian recipes and great, healthy recipes for old favorites like Homemade Chicken & Dumplings and Macaroni and Cheese! Discover the tasty and healthy delights that can only be found in healthy low cost meals.

Budget Friendly Recipes Included in This 35-Page eCookbook:

Chicken Rice Casserole in a Slow Cooker: Amongst quick easy chicken recipes, this slow cooker recipe reigns supreme. Simple, cheap ingredients make for a delicious quick chicken dish. Give this recipe a try for moist boneless chicken breast without a fuss. This is one of the tastiest low cost slow cooker recipes out there. (Page 7)
Shells and Fish, Fiesta Style: This easy low cost dinner recipe is a tasty and healthy pasta dish all can enjoy. Try this simple pasta recipe today for your next meal. (Page 15)
One Pot Chicken: Full of tasty and healthy vegetables and chicken, this easy chickenrecipe is a snap to pull together. Just stick it in the oven and forget about it until the timer dings and the aroma is too good to ignore. Hooray for cheap and easy recipes! (Page 24)
Oven Corn Casserole: Make corn the center of a dish with this super simple casserole recipe. This low cost side dish recipe is a no-brainer and will pair perfectly with a hearty plate of barbecue. This is one of the tastiest low cost vegetarian recipes. (Page 29)
Fast Fried Rice: Its name doesn't lie, as Fast Fried Rice is ready in just a few simplesteps. If you're learning how to make fried rice, then this one is for you. Good luck finding a better low cost recipe! (Page 30)