Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Free Blockbuster DVD Rental Codes

To use these codes, it's best if you reserve your movie online at Blockbuster ExpressYou can reserve movies and use the codes for free rentals online but if you go to the kiosk without reserving online, you may not be able to use the free rental codes. I always have success when I reserve online using the codes though!
35AEMR4 (expires Friday 07/01)
46MDEB9 (expires Friday 07/01)
56EHJR7 (expires Friday 07/01)
92CMEA2 (expires Friday 07/01)
93JBHS6 (expires Friday 07/01)
94RRAP7 (expires Friday 07/01)
25NCRP6 (expires Monday 7/04)
26KBDJ5 (expires Monday 7/04)
GOPUBLIX (expires 06/30/11) – only valid at Publix stores
GORITEAID (expires 6/30/11) – only valid  at Rite Aid stores
GOVONS (expires 6/30/11) –only valid  at Von’s 
GOSAFEWAY (expires 6/30/11) – only valid  Safeway 
QUIKTRIP (expires 6/30/11) – only valid  at Quik Trip 
DUANEREADE (expires 06/30/11) – only valid  at Duane Reade stores
99ONLY at 99 cent stores only (expires 06/30/11)
Find a Blockbuster Express Location Near You. *Note: You can use each code once per credit card. If you use a different card, you can use the same code again though.