Monday, May 2, 2011

Safe but Affected by the Devastation in Alabama

I have been unable to post for days due to the effects of last week's devastating tornadoes in Alabama. All around us, homes were damaged or destroyed and hundreds in the state-many within a few miles of my home- were killed or injured. There are still many without power and many without homes so please continue to pray for our community. 
Several years ago, our community lost so many wonderful people and our school and many homes were destroyed. Last week's devastation brought back those horrible memories and while my family and extended family were not injured, our hearts and prayers are with those who did lose everything. 
I know it seems petty to complain about losing  possesions when so many lost so much more but I was so saddened to learn that the storage building I had put all my furniture and photos and nearly every possession I own in was destroyed. It contained truly priceless, sentimental items from my grandmother and every piece of furniture I owned. Also photos and mementos from my daughter's birth - it is so hard for me to come to grips with the fact these family treasures are gone so when I think of those who lost their entire home and loved ones, I can't begin to fathom those losses. 
I plan to put a list of ways to help those who are in need - I've been without internet service and most roads were blocked so it was just yesterday that I was able to go to the grocery store and only recently that I was able to use the internet. Please keep our state in your prayers. Thanks to my readers and everyone who sent emails checking on me.