Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RueLaLa Credit Expires TODAY! Free Crocs, Hats & Other Items Possible

If you were lucky enough to get the FREE $20 Credit from RueLaLa that I posted about here(no longer available unfortunately), you need to use it because it expires today. You can find lots of items like Crocs, hats and kitchen ware for $19 or under today-you'll just pay part of the shipping if you find something for under $20. Everything goes SUPER fast at RueLaLa so if you see something you like, grab it right then! 
The Crocs are a pretty good deal after your credit. I compared the prices at RueLaLa with the prices at the Crocs store and you definitely come out better if you use your $20 Credit at RueLaLa - even when you factor in shipping. 

For example, these men's Melbourne shoes are $55 at the Croc Store but after your credit at RueLaLa , they'd be $18 Shipped! The Women's Wrapped Mary Jane are $60 at the Crocs Store but at RueLaLa, they are just under $25 Shipped. There are a few pairs that are under $20 so you will pay shipping only making it about $9. 
5pc Hostess Set is free + shipping after credit
 They also have Kids' Crocs on sale- you get 2 pairs for just $20 Shipped after your credit! Some are a little  more but they are still a great deal. Well Happy Shopping! Check out the Top 20 Tableware Patterns, Elle Beachwear and Crocs Boutiques for the lowest priced items and do so quickly because they really do go fast and everyone will be using their credit today so they may go even faster than usual!!