Thursday, May 12, 2011

Green Your Beauty Routine & Save Money

Save money and keep chemicals away from your skin and hair by using a few items that you almost certainly already have in your kitchen. I've tried these out myself and LOVE doing home spa and beauty treatments. Most can be done in 10 minutes. Today, I am going to list a few ways to use HONEY to treat your skin and hair:
Honey is one of nature's best beauty products. It moisturizes skin and speeds healing so it's perfect for blemish/spot treatment and for making a hydrating face or body scrub. 

Blemish: Instead of using benzoyl peroxide, put a dab of honey on the blemish after washing your face. Rinse after 10-15  minutes. The anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties in honey will speed up healing and help eliminate the bacteria that causes acne.

Honey/Sugar Body Scrub: You can shell out $35 for a similar Body Scrub or you can go to your pantry and make one that is just as good - if not better! 
1 Tsp. Pure Honey (I use Organic Raw Honey)
 1/4 Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1Cup Granulated or Raw Sugar
Optional: You can add a Tsp of Grated Lemon or Orange Zest if you want

Mix ingredients together and voila. You have a perfect body scrub that will slough off dead skin AND draw in moisture as you scrub.
 For some simple DIY beauty tips, check out this post - there are some fantastic ideas I'd never thought of including an apple cider vinegar/aspirin face wash!