Saturday, May 28, 2011

Get Your First Box FREE at Thred Up

Here is a GREAT offer for new Thred Up members - get your first box FREE. You just pay shipping!
Get a FREE box of clothing for your baby or child! I just ordered my first box from Thred Up- I got to choose the box I wanted (like you will) and it is packed with name brand clothing in my daughter's size, plus there are a few items that she can grow into (she is growing fast!). The value of just a few items is well over the price of shipping ($10.95)-even if the clothes aren't in perfect condition, they will be great play clothes for the summer but some still have tags attached so I know they are going to be in great shape. This site is really fun to take part in because each time your child receives a box, it will be like a holiday because the boxes sometimes include little surprises (the boxes we're making have fabulous surprises!) and your child is getting a brand new (to them) partial wardrobe to ohh and ahh over, then try on and model all the new goodies for the family. 
Thred Up works like a clothing swap where you recycle your used clothes and even books and toys. You browse through the boxes listed on the site and you get to choose which box you want. So you are saving money, getting 'new' things for kids while reusing AND recycling! PLUS there are some sizes that are in demand so if you happen to have a box of clothes in that size, you get extra credits of $2 or $4 added to your account! So go check out Thred Up for yourself and find some treasures for your kids while saving money and being eco friendly!