Friday, May 27, 2011

Free Mag. Subscriptions for Dads and Grads: Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Four Wheeler, Maxim, Spin & More

Most of these just require you to answer a few questions - I've used every one of these companies for free magazines and I've never had a problem. Just enter the info (no credit card or billing info required) and you'll get a free subscription in 4-8 weeks and you'll never get a bill. You could enter the name and address of a grad or dad and give this as a great gift for father's day, birthdays, graduation or any occasion.
For my explanation about why these companies give you free, no strings attached magazine subscriptions, you can check out this post

Free Bloomberg Magazine - this is a DIRECT LINK which means no surveys to fill out - just enter info 

Chevy High Performance Free 1 Year Sub. - from FBM

Car and Driver - Free 1 Yr Subscription - from Mercury Magazine

Ebony Free 1 Yr Subscription from Mercury Magazine

Ebony Free 1 Yr Subscription from Rewards Gold 

Four Wheeler 1 Yr Free Subscription - from FBM

Maxim 1 Yr Free Subscription - free from Mercury Magazine

Popular Science Digital -1 Yr Digital Subscription Free from Mercury Magazine

Spin Magazine 1 yr subscription - free from FBM