Saturday, May 21, 2011

AnnieWear Review and Special Discount Code

(Note: this review was posted for a short time on May 12 but when Blogger was undergoing difficulties, this post, like a few others, disappeared from my site. This one deserves to be posted again)

I try as much as possible to support companies that help to end cruelty to animals - AnnieWear is on one of those companies. Not only do they donate sales to animal rescue programs across the country, they also have fantastic animal themed baby and toddler clothing and accessories for your little ones. They have adorable clothes, toys, blankets, books, footwear, some items for mom as well. They also carry great gifts for special occasions. Anniewear is offering you a 15% discount when you use code BLOG2011 but more about that below!
My daughter received, from Anniewear, what is now her favorite shirt-the Anniewear Woof Tee. She loves animals and the fact that the shirt has "Woof" in seven different languages is just a bonus. The shirt is also 100% cotton and has no special care requirements, except to not iron the silk screen design and it is silk screened using safe, non-toxic durable ink. 
She put her Annie Tee on as soon as we opened the package, then we played outside shortly after that. She plays hard, plus we had a water balloon fight so eventually the shirt was soaking wet and really dirty. When it was time for bed, the shirt hadn't been washed yet. She cried for a while because I refused to dry the shirt so she could sleep in it(she didn't want it washed - just dried. The dirt would "fall off in the dryer" she said). The next day, for a Mother's Day dinner with family, what did she insist on wearing? Her Woof shirt. So it's 80 degrees outside and my daughter is in a long sleeved tee shirt, ruffled skirt and cowboy boots. The next day when she had two friends come over to play, what did she cry over because it wasn't clean? Her Woof shirt. It's been a never ending cycle the past few days of wearing the tee, getting it dirty then crying because I  can't get it clean fast enough. I am kind of worried about the next few weeks since we live in the South and temperatures will be soaring so I guess I am going to have to purchase her a short sleeved top from Anniewear - I'm sure she'll love it just as much. 

Purchase: Purchase a tee shirt like ours for just $15 plus get a 15% discount on your purchase from Anniewear when you use code BLOG2011
About: AnnieWear is named for our rescued puppy, a sweet little stray from the rural countryside. With family care and love, Annie has blossomed into a wonderfully happy and entertaining sweetheart. Annie brings a smile to everyone who meets her. She’s so stinkin’ cute!

Her playful nature and lovable disposition are the inspiration for AnnieWear, where we offer the best in animal-themed baby and toddler clothing and accessories. We cater to people looking for fantastic gifts for special occasions.

And what makes AnnieWear special is that portions of AnnieWear sales are given to animal rescue programs around the country.

We’re devoted to helping animals in need while offering high-quality, fun, and functional items that make great and unique gifts for that special baby or toddler. We’ve limited our selection to the products we love the most—and hope you will, too!

So when you watch your friend open that special present you found at AnnieWear, you'll also know you contributed to a great cause.

To teach your kids more about animals, visit the ASPCA Site for kids.

Soaking wet in her Woof tee and loving  it!
Another "action" shot of my little one in her Anniewear tee.

Disclosure: I received the product described in this review for free. This in no way influenced my views and all opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this post.