Thursday, April 7, 2011

Free: 5 Personalized Veggie Tale Songs with Your Child's Name

Get five free Veggie Tales tracks personalized with your child's name from Just Me Music! A personalized full length cd normally costs $19.95 so this is a great chance to try out the site for free. Just enter the special code listed below and your email address to get started on the personalized tracks. Each track mentions your child's name - two tracks are musical and the others Veggie Tales narration or dialogue that also mentions your child's name. You may be able to use the code more than once if you have more than one child-I just tried it to see if I could use it twice with same email address and it worked but I am not sure if it will work every time because I believe the code says that it can only be used once per email address. 
How to Get your Five FREE Personalized Veggie Tales Tracks:
1. Enter code myveggie and email address(be sure to unclick the box where it says Yes I want to receive email, unless you want to receive their newsletters and email of course)
 2. Next, select your child's name from the list then click next. They will ask you to make sure that you selected the correct name - then click to continue.
3. The next page asks if you want to purchase the complete cd for a discounted price. If you don't, just click "No thanks I just want my free tracks". 
4. Follow the instructions to download the 5 free personalized Veggie Tales tracks to your computer. I had to right click on my mouse and select "Save Link As".

And that's it! It only takes a few mintues and your kids will love hearing their name in a Veggie Tales song and stories!