Saturday, March 5, 2011

Free Merchandise from Kembrel When You Send an Email to 5 Friends

Today we received our free gift cards to Barnes & Noble (I posted about this offer a week or two ago- completely FREE B&N $5 Gift Cards were available for 3 days at Kembrel!) and wanted to remind everyone that you can get free or very inexpensive items at Kembrel
To get Free items:
1. Sign up for an account at kembrel and get 500 points (aka $5 credit)
2. Click the banner that says Invite friends unlock $10 - you get a code just for sending the emails - your friends DO NOT have to join. I suggest going ahead and getting your code and your $5 credit now - even if there is not anything you like, you can use the code later. 
Unlike most daily deal sites, you do not earn credit if you get friends to join and make a purchase which I like - no referral links to send around, just a plain and simple link to kembrel! I am looking forward to more awesome promotions from this site - they've had quite a few. Now that I know the $10 code is good towards shipping I am going to be checking out the deals every single day! Kembrel is  a site that specializes in items for college students but anyone can make a purchase from their site. Check out the wallet pictured below - it's free after your credit and discount code!
 When you sign up, you get a $5 Credit applied to your account. Then invite 5 friends via email and get a coupon code for $10 off your purchase. Shipping is $7.50 so find an item $7.50 or less like the key chains, flash lights and wallets they have for sale now from Lexon and you get it for completely free. There is also a sale on books and you can purchase "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown for just .50 after discount. 
Get the wallet pictured below for free! To purchase it, go to kembrel's Lexon Sale.
The Lexon Sale also has mini, credit card sized flashlights and flashlight keychains that will be free or a few cents after your discount.