Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ENDED-Chicken Soup For the Soul:New Moms Giveaway and Review -3 Winners ends 3/30

"Becoming a new mom is the most amazing event. This book celebrates the physical, emotional, and spiritual experience of having a child and creating a family. New and expectant moms will delight in these heartwarming, insightful, and humorous stories about raising babies and toddlers. This book is full of stories by other moms sharing the wonders of early motherhood, from waiting for the baby, whether through pregnancy, adoption, or surrogacy, to those early weeks and first few years, and everything in between!"

First let me say that Chicken Soup for the Soul: New Moms is not just for new moms - it's great for anyone who is now or wants to one day be a mother. I also know for a fact that grandmothers will love it - I shared a few stories with my mom (who is a grandmother) and she enjoyed them so much that she is now reading the entire book. 

This collection of 101 inspirational stories is about the joys and wonders of the miracle that is motherhood.  It covers everything from infertility to pregnancy, adoption to surrogacy, breastfeeding to sleep deprivation and many other topics. It is great for busy moms because the stories are short so you can take a few minutes to read one or two then come back later and read a few more. I could identify with most of the stories and they brought back some great memories from pregnancy, nursing, baby's first haircut, unwanted advice and many other experiences. I especially loved the story about the 'Sloppy Mommy'- it was one that I really identified with. The mom, in her pre-baby days, loved dressing the in most stylish fashions on a daily basis. After realizing that she was living in a tshirt and jeans, she decided that she wanted to stop looking like a slob. She went to Target and got a few new clothes. It was her birthday so they went out to eat and of course her toddler smeared cheese all over the new sweater. The mom was upset and she resigned herself to a life of stained tees and sweats. She realized that the part of her life where she was a cute, trendy young woman was gone and she felt saddened. But right then, her daughter called out mommy - when the mom looked over, the little girl said "hey mommy", while grinning the most gorgeous smile. Instead of remembering the night her daughter ruined her new clothes, she remembered the night that her child was happy just to be sitting next to mommy. Awwwwe. I can totally relate!
This would be a wonderful book if you know anyone who is adopting or pregnant with their first child or even their fifteenth child! It is really great for new moms since it helps you to realize that you aren't the only one struggling with some of the worries, insescurities and difficulties that come with being a mother - like post partum depression for example. I truly believe though that any new mom will identify with and appreciate the stories and wisdom in Chicken Soup for the Soul: New Moms. 
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Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book to facilitate my review. It did not influence my opinion in any way.