Monday, March 7, 2011

$5 for $20 in Products from Olivers Labels at Plum District

Get a free $5 Credit when you sign up for a new account at Plum District - today they are offering $20 in products from Olivers Labels for just $10 but use your credit and get $20 worth for just $5!!! 
I reviewed Oliver's Labels here not too long ago and I LOVE them. They have an exclusive "Found It" system on the labels so if someone finds your item they can just go to Olivers Labels and enter  you code to let you know they have your item!! 
Here's a little bit from my review:
 Oliver's Labels waterproof labels, wristbands and tags can go on anything, even toothbrushes and shoes. For me, they are a money saver. Now instead of replacing my daughter's bag or sweater once a month, I have a personalized, durable label with her name on it securely attached - this prevents the item from going in lost and found bin or home with some other child. Also, I chose to use the Free Found It System that is offered by Oliver's Labels. Found-it™ is Oliver's Labels exclusive, FREE online Lost-and-Found system. If someone finds the item, they can enter the code at Olivers Labels website and I will be notified instantly via email! Oliver’s Labels acts as an intermediary between you and the finder so you never have to share any of your personal information. I wish that we'd had these labels when we lost her first two security blankets! 
This is a fantastic deal. We ALWAYS need labels, whether it's for cheering or just to put in clothes and books. With summer programs and day camps coming up we'll be needing even more labels so this is an awesome chance for us to get plenty of high quality labels for next to nothing! 
NOTE: To get your $5 credit you must sign up for a new account using a referral link like this one and you must use the credit within 7 days.