Thursday, March 3, 2011

2 Movie Tickets, $5 Amazon GC & Concession Pack $6 For ALL

The Living Social Deal for 2 Fandango Tickets for just $9 is an awesome deal by itself. If you sign up through  this referral link,it is possible that you will get a $5 credit to use on your first purchase. Living Social was giving $5 credits with referral links but I haven't found out whether this is still going on - if so you will get 2 tickets for just $4! If not, you still pay just $9 and if you follow the directions you will be able to also get a $5 Amazon Gift Card!
 Here's how to get 2 fandango tickets, $5 Amazon GC and a Popcorn, Coke and Snack Pack for  $6 for all (Possibly Even Less)! 
1.Use this link to sign up for an account at Living Social. DO NOT purchase your tickets yet.
2. Next, sign up or sign in to Swagbucks.

3.On the main page, after you sign up, look for the picture like the one above and click it to purchase your Fandango tickets from Living Social through Swagbucks.  This will give you 315 points, in addition to 30 bucks you get just for signing up. You just need 100 more for your Amazon card!! You will have enough points for a $5 Amazon Gift Card within a day or two- it will take less time if you do the little simple offers to earn points by watching 30 second videos and answering the 1 question polls. 

4.Another way to save with this deal to use this coupon for a $2 Zap Pack available 3/3-3/6 only at Regal Cinemas. The Zap Pack is a phenomenal deal at just $2 for popcorn, soda and Welch's Fruit Snacks. I am REALLY wanting to take advantage of this offer this weekend!! I've already purchased my Fandango tickets (they were FREE after my credits!!).