Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Huge Giveaway Event, Blog Changes & My Rant About the Lack of Robots Who Clean, Blog, etc While I'm Wasting Hours In a Car Running Errands

As you can see, I am making new changes to my blog. I am trying to get everything ready for my upcoming Busy Mommy Must Haves Event, starting March 1. There are some great companies taking part in the event with lots of giveaways for busy moms! 
I was thinking tonight about how great it would be if we could just do something productive while we're driving. I live in a rural area (as I gripe about a lot I know) where the nearest grocery store is at best a half hour away and we don't even have our own post office. To run errands that would take a normal person an hour, it takes me two hours in driving time alone. I was making notes on my voice recorder tonight about how great it would be if I could spend quality time with my daughter while driving but I can't even listen to her crazy ramblings about wanting to see the dead animals on the road (yeah she's weird) or maybe I could get something that would type up my blogs for me - I could dictate them and then they could automatically post. I am pretty sure that something like that does exist but I can't afford it if it does. I also wish that there was a way to clean and organize my home while I'm driving. Possibly a robot or human who would clean while I am driving around the world to get driver's license, groceries, clothes for my daughter,etc. 
Well it's 4 a.m. here and I just woke my daughter up with my angry typing so I will be up for a while - guess I will get in some of that quality time now :-) P.S. If anyone has any tips for how I can be productive while driving around for hours I would appreciate them.