Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book Review: Get Energy! Empower Your Body, Love Your Life by Denise Austin

You may think that a book by fitness guru Denise Austin would be mostly about exercising and dieting but this book is NOT a dieting book. No calorie counting, no lengthy workout routines - it's really about making small, manageable changes in the way you live. These changes gradually lead to a more energetic and positive lifestyle and other great benefits that are too numerous to list.  Honestly, I never really liked the perennially perky Ms. Austin until I read Get Energy! Empower Your Body, Love Your Life. She always got on my nerves when I'd see her on tv with that perfect figure and limitless energy. I did love this book though. 
About Get EnergyWith a jam-packed schedule and little time to get it all done, do you find yourself exhausted before the day’s even ended? America’s favorite fitness expert Denise Austin shows readers how to super-charge their lives in her newest book, Get Energy! Empower Your Body, Love Your Life. Her innovative lifestyle plan is based on simple changes — from the foods you consume to the way you sit in your chair — that add up to major energy!
My goals for 2011 include getting in shape by exercising several hours each week, improving my overall lifestyle and playing outside with my daughter more. So Get Energy seemed like a book that was written just for me! I know that we could all use more energy but I have been feeling drained from morning to night these days so I was excited to learn about Denise's Lifestyle Changes that are designed to give you energy and make you feel great. .
Why I Really Liked This Book: This is an incredibly inspiring book. It is encourages the reader to make positive changes and stick to their goals. I also love that she included worksheets in the book to help the reader put their "Personal Energy Plan" into action, determine any habits that are sapping energy and to remind you of the steps that will increase your energy. 
Anyone can do this program. Whether you are an overweight couch potato, an underweight junk food junkie or a fabulous and fit person who just wants more energy, you can put the simple changes outlined in this book into practice and within a week  you will notice a difference. I admit that I slacked off on my plan but I fully intend to pick up where I left off. I noticed that when I followed the easy changes that add up to big energy boosts, I felt better and I looked better. I felt less stressed and just healthier in general!
I highly recommend "Get Energy" to anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle. The changes you make seem small but each little step leads to a happier, healthier lifestyle where you have more energy and feel better about yourself. 
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Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this book from the Hatchette Book Group to facilitate my review. This did not affect my opinion in any way. All thoughts are my own and are from my own unique experience.