Saturday, January 29, 2011

What Valentines Day Means To Me

When I was a child, Valentines Day meant getting the little cards and candies from kids at school. Then, as a teenager, it meant(if I didn't have a boyfriend) praying that someone would send me something - anything - so that I wasn't the only one of my friends to go home empty handed. Then as I became an adult, I didn't care about it really. In my twenties, I almost always had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day and I would get roses and a gift of jewelry or chocolates - but I thought it was all kind of silly. Well I said that but I am pretty sure that had I not received something, I would have been pretty angry. I did get some pretty great gifts - but NONE of them compare to the scribblings and splashes of color, dotted with random stickers and glitter glue that adorned the handmade card I received last year from my little girl. 

Valentine's Day Party at Preschool Last Year
So now I have a child. Even though I'm a single mom and Valentine's Day would be just another day to me normally, I know that it means something to her. It means that she gets the chance to make cards for her parents and grandparents, it means that she will get a gift from me and probably gifts from a few other family members. It means she will receive some cute little cards from her friends-it is important to me that gets every bit of enjoyment she can from this day and every day. Later in life, I know that I will be stressing over the pressure she feels to have a boyfriend and the embarrassment that comes from going home without a Valentine - good grief I dread those days! 
Her Valentine's Day Crush
For now, since she's only 5 and I won't be worrying about boys this year, we will make goody bags for the  girls on her cheer leading squad. I will put her in a cute little Valentines Day outfit and take pictures to send family and friends. I will buy her something she wants and let her know that I love her more than anything!
So I guess, in short, Valentine's Day now means making my daughter happy. That really isn't different from the rest of the year but I will do something special for her on Valentine's Day. I will make it a day to remember - or I will try to at least. Later on, I will make sure that I do everything I can to keep her from getting her feelings hurt. I will work hard to teach her what's really important in life -and that a rose from some "twerp" once a year really isn't. 

What does Valentine's Day mean to you? Are you a romantic or a V-Day Scrooge like me? What was your favorite Valentine's Day gift that you either received or gave? What do you want this year? Feel free to answer any or all of these questions! I love hearing others' take on Valentine's Day and I love hearing the romantic stories and about the gifts and gestures from loved ones that you will never forget.

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