Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Just Won a Barbie Prize Pack From Doll For A Day Instant Win Game - Get a Code FREE

Earlier tonight I said that I won many Instant Win Games last year but that I hadn't played in a while and decided to start back tonight. Well five minutes after starting my game playing for the year, I won a Barbie Prize Pack - one of the bigger ones with several dolls and other items that are limited to 100 winners! My little girl will be thrilled. 
Normally you have to have a code off specially marked Barbie packages - now you can get a free code when you go to the Doll For a Day site, then go to Official Rules at the bottom of the page and you should see a link near the top that says to click for a code(you can try the "click for a code" I provided & it should take you directly to the code request) then you'll be taken to another page where you enter a code to prove you're not a robot, then you'll receive the code. If it tells that the code has already been used when you enter it, just try again. I found the best way to do this is to open the Doll For a Day Game, enter in the information it asks for up until the section where it asks for your code. Then open the code request in another window, after you get your code copy it then paste it in the Doll For a Day site. If the error message comes up, you can quickly click back to the window, hit your back button and get a new code.  I hope that isn't too confusing!