Saturday, January 29, 2011

FREE $10 Credit to Gaggle of Chicks - $19 Worth of Granola & Oatmeal for $1.25!

When you sign up now for an account at Gaggle of Chicks using this link, you get a $10 Credit to be used when you want!! This site offers great deals on items that are mostly for moms. If you sign up at the site without using this link, you will only get $5 credit so be sure to use the link to get your full FREE $10 Credit!! Here's how to get $19 worth of Healthy Granola and Oatmeal from the brand Monkey Brains, normally found at Whole Foods:
1. Sign up for an account using this link to get your free $10 Credit
2. Select Nationwide Deals when selecting your current city
3. You will see on the right side of your page 'Closing Soon' 40% Off Healthy Oatmeal... click that link to learn more or click Buy Now
4. When you purchase this deal, the total will be 11.25 then when they apply your credit, you'll get $18.95 in Healthy Oatmeal and Granola for just $1.25!


  • With this deal, get $18.95 worth of Monkey Brains Healthy Granola Bars and Oatmeal for just $11.25 ($1.25 after your code.) Deal includes: 26 packets of Monkey Brains Oatmeal (6 pouches in each box of Raspberry, Blueberry and Strawberry and 8 pouches in each box of Maple Brown Sugar)
  • 15 Monkey Bars (5 bars in each box of Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate, Blueberry Vanilla and Strawberry Vanilla).

Apart from an unforgettable name, the creators of the Tennessee-based Monkey Brains edibles have come up with recipes that have significantly less sugar than other healthy brands (9g per par, 12 g per packet of oatmeal). These items also have no preservatives or additives, and no high fructose corn syrup. Redemption is simple. After purchase, you will receive a special code to use upon check out of the Monkey Brains site. Shipping is extra.