Monday, January 24, 2011

$10 Barnes & Noble Gift Card $5 - Possibly limited to Atlanta & Detroit Metro Areas + $5 Credit for New Accounts

Today only LIMITED QUANTITIES available: ScoopMama is offering $10 Barnes & Noble Gift Cards for just $5 - sign up through this link to get a $5 credit to your account(you can't use your credit for this deal though)!  You won't get the $5 credit if you sign up at the site directly - I made the mistake of signing up at the site without a link and didn't get my credit :( HURRY over to get your Gift Card to Barnes & Noble NOW - they will be gone soon. * I just noticed that in the fine print it says offer available to those who live in the metro areas of Atlanta or Detroit but the deal is listed under national deals - I haven't been able to purchase it because I keep getting an error code so it may be because I don't live in those areas.