Friday, December 10, 2010

Tsaleach Bath & Body, LLC: Amazing Products at GREAT Prices

Shea & Silk Soap
Pumpkin Cheesecake Lip Balm is Heavenly!

I have been a fan of Tsaleach Bath & Body since I first tried their products several months ago. I wanted to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to check out their selection of unique, sure to please gifts. You can check with the company to see if you can still place orders for Christmas - this is their busiest time of year and they do hand make their products but there might be a chance that you could be lucky enough to get a gift delivered in time from them if you order now.  I DO know that all orders placed after the first of December will be filled once the Christmas orders are finished - you can check with the company now to see if you can get your order in time for the holidays!! 

The soaps are amazing - not just the fragrance and ingredients but they are SO cute. My daughter received the Christmas soap abovepictured at the top, left side and she loved it immediately. It is not only adorable, but it's also handmade from the best ingredients and it is SLS Free which makes me very happy! Be sure to check out the Princess, Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh and other novelty soaps that are sure to please any child.  
A few weeks ago, I hosted a giveaway promotion for Tsaleach Bath & Body and I reviewed a few of their products. Here is a quick recap of two of my favorite products: sells the most incredible products that are all handmade, mostly all natural and unbelievably affordable. The owner of Tsaleach Bath and Body not only sells these products, she also uses them on her entire family-including her baby girl starting when she was 6 months old. While I love the fact that this home based company uses the highest quality ingredients, I also appreciate that they make their products affordable and many items have more than one use! I can honestly use a soap, lotion bar and body splash and that covers my shampoo and body wash (castille soap), lotion and perfume (lotion bar) and leave in conditioner plus subtle fragrance that lasts all day(body splash). 

 The first product is .5 oz Lotion Bar. The lotion bar is an extremely popular item - if not the most popular in Tsaleach Bath & Body's line up.  It is a lush moisturizer that was carefully formulated with natural ingredients to hydrate and comfort dry skin. This is a must have for every mom or modern woman on the go. It is great for men too! This indulgent treat is not only a lotion, it can also be used as a solid perfume, a treatment for dry and cracked heels, cuticle cream and hand moisturizer, massage bar and is suited for all your hydration needs.  I can definitely attest to the fact that it leaves your skin extraordinarily hydrated and smooth. The sweet lili scent - my favorite - is a must have for my purse and I leave one in the bathroom and one in my bedroom at all times. Another use I have found for this versatile little wonder product is for my daughter's hair! It may sound strange but she has occasional flyaways and I put a bit of lotion bar on my hands and run the tiniest bit through her hair to make it shiny, smooth and fragranced. It's also great to keep in your purse so you can moisturize yours and your little darlings hands when you're out and about. The soaps and anti bacterial gels we use on the go dry out our skin terribly and this product replenishes your dry skin instantly. It will be a welcome treat this winter!

Another favorite is the indulgent and luxurious Goat's Milk Body Butter. It is even more wonderful than it sounds.  This product is a Heavenly whipped souffle that makes you feel so good. After applying this rich body butter, your skin will feel soft and dewy. I love to use it at night before bed. So does my little diva - she has used nearly half my jar! I wish there were words that could explain to you just how amazing this product truly is! Rich, whipped and decadent. It looks and smells good enough to eat! I assure you, once you try this Body Butter, you will be hooked too!
So hurry to for gifts that will please everyone on your list. You can also find gifts in every price range - a fantastic low cost gift that will make anyone happy is a set of lip balm, body butter, soap and body splash! Also check out the $12 Holiday Gift Sets - they are LIMITED so be sure to get yours now. Even if you can't get your delivery in time for Christmas, place an order for yourself, a friend or family member anyway because you will not be sorry! Trust me, these products are worth waiting for!

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this review. All opinions are my own and are from my experiences with the products.