Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Acqua Essentials Caviahue Eye Contour Cream Review

 I recently had the opportunity to review Caviahue Eye Contour Cream from Acqua Essentials.  I found the eye cream to be extremely effective, moisturizing and refreshing. The area around my eyes looks brighter, smoother and more youthful. The cream's formula is non greasy and it absorbs quickly. It is the perfect eye cream for anyone who wants to prevent thin, sagging under eye skin and lines. It is also a great treatment for existing crow's feet and it helps thin eye skin recover elasticity. I found it to be a wonderful eye cream for women who wear concealer and eye makeup because it hydrates instantly, which keeps concealer from caking under  your eyes. It also helps your eye makeup go on smoothly and since it has a non greasy formula that absorbs quickly, your eyeliner and eyeshadow won't smudge or rub off right away like it will when you use greasy eye creams.
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Benefits of Caviahue Eye Contour Cream(from
  • Specifically formulated for the delicate areas around the eyes
  • Contains Caviahue thermal water for an ultimate hydration
  • Helps the thin eye contour skin recover elasticity and fullness
  • Helps you get rid of the earliest sign of facial aging: wrinkles on the eye contour area
  • Its active ingredients driven to all skin’s layers help pause the decay of under eye and other eye areas 
  • Helps diminish crow's feet
Acqua Essentials specializes in beauty and skin care products from the most prestigious spas throughout Europe and Latin America. They have made these beauty, skin care, anti aging, anti cellulite and other amazing spa products available exclusively on their website. They carry the skin care lines Caviahue, Mondariz and Exel.  With Acqua Essentials, you can have these natural and thermal water based products shipped straight to you, allowing you to get the benefits of a spa treatment from one of the most prestigious spas in the world, without leaving your home! 
Acqua Essentials Has Products for Men too!  Above: Mondariz Hydro Man Cream.
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 Aqua Essentials offers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all products. You can get a full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied with your purchase by returning the unused portion of the product and the reason you weren't satisfied. *Visit Acqua Essentials now to save 20% on your entire purchase! Use code ACQUA at checkout. Get FREE Shipping on purchases $60 and up. FREE Samples are included with EVERY order!

  A few weeks ago, I came across an offer for a Sampler Pack of products from  Acqua Essentials. The package contained several different samples of skin care products, including anti aging treatments. I was extremely impressed with every single sample so I contacted the company about the possibility of reviewing one of their products for my readers. They agreed to send me the product of my choice. 
 I had been searching for an effective anti aging eye treatment because I recently noticed that my eyes have started showing signs of aging, including -GASP-crepey skin and lines when I smile. I knew that I need to take immediate action to fight the wrinkles, so I chose to review Caviahue Eye Contour Cream

 I worked in the Cosmetics Industry for years and I've tried many of the high end anti-aging eye treatments on the market and I have also tested many drugstore brand eye creams. Most were either not effective, had a greasy formula or an unpleasant fragrance. I have extremely sensitive eyes and can't tolerate most of the harsh chemicals or fragrances that are in many eye gels or creams. I was relieved when I applied Caviahue Eye Contour Cream and found it to be refreshing, effective and fragrance free. When I put it on, I feel like saying Ahhhhh every single time. 
Product Results: I have been using Caviahue Eye Contour Cream for three weeks and I can already see a difference. It was formulated with a blend of thermal water, vitamins, retinol, squalane and antioxidant agents.  My under eye area looks radiant. As I mentioned above, the skin had started to look crepe-y, thin and dull but Caviahue Eye Contour Cream has helped restore elasticity to my under eye area and it now looks brighter and smoother. My eyes instantly feel better when I apply this cream. I use it under my eyes, around my eyes and sometimes on my lids and brows.  It only takes a small amount and you should apply it twice a day, in the morning and at night. Use a gentle massage according to the directions on the product site. After three weeks of using the cream twice a day, I still have well over half a bottle left. That means that one bottle will last me close to three months!
I highly recommend Caviahue Eye Contour Cream to anyone who wants their eye area to look younger and refreshed. 

Buy it: You can purchase Caviahue and all other lines sold by Acqua Essentials at their website. Remember to use code ACQUA to save 20% through the Holiday Season.
Sampler Pack Product Information: Purchase a Sampler Pack of products for just the cost of Shipping and Handling ($5.84). I actually got a couple of applications from each sample packet(0.10 fl oz. per packet) because each sample had plenty of product. So 6 applications of the cream samples made a total of 24 applications for the creams, my mother and I shared the mud sample-a pretty fantastic value for just $5.84! See the product information from Acqua Essentials below.
Our sample pack is a great way to get to know our products. Order one today! 
Simply pay for shipping, $5.84, to receive:
  • 1 Caviahue Thermal Mud Sample (one application)
  • 3 Caviahue Anti Wrinkle Cream Samples (three applications)
  • 3 Caviahue Nourishing-Moisturizing Cream Samples (three applications)
  • 3 Mondariz Hydro-Woman Cream Samples (three applications)
  • 3 Mondariz Hydro-Man Cream Samples (three applications)
Expect to receive your sample pack in 2 to 7 business days if you order it on its own.
Only 1 sample pack allowed per customer, per address.
Disclosure: I received a free product sample to facilitate my review. It did not influence my opinion in any way. All reviews are from my own unique experience and I can't guarantee that you will have the same opinions.