Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cupcake Cuties Review: Designer Cupcake Decorating Kits for Every Occasion

Cupcake Cuties offers more than 30 varieties of designer cupcake decorating kits for Christmas, Weddings, Birthdays, New Years and nearly every occasion you can think of. The kits allow you to create an affordable but extraordinary cupcake display in 3 easy steps. You don't need cake decorating experience to make a beautiful cupcake display with Cupcake Cuties kits. The kits contain everything you need to effortlessly transform a plain cupcake into one that is adorably decorated and party ready. 
 For parties, I love having cupcakes instead of traditional cake. They are so much easier to serve- especially when you are hosting a party for kids. The problem I had though is that there is only so much you can do when it comes to decorating a cupcake and I am not at all skilled in cake decorating. Of course my daughter wanted an elaborate display when it came to her birthday cake this year - I found a perfect compromise with the Cupcake Cuties Popcorn theme decorating kit.
.My young assistant accidentally had the cupcakes facing the wrong way but they still looked adorable!

Each kit contains 24 self adhesive cupcake sleeves  and enough decorative garnish (depending on the kit, toppings can include sprinkes, marshmallows, jimmies and more) for 24 decorated cupcakes. It is incredibly simple to create a Cupcake Cuties display. All you need is a batch of cupcakes and icing. Everything else is included in the kit. The designs are so cute and unique! You would pay at least $3-$4 each for these if you bought them from a bakery but purchasing a kit from Cupcake Cuties lets you assemble your own designer cupcakes for around $1 each! So these kits provide an affordable and simple way to create a whimsical, unique display that will make your guests think you are a cupcake decorating domestic diva.

How to Use Cupcake Cuties Kit: Peel off the backing then wrap the sleeve snugly around the frosted cupcake. Make sure the ends are pressed together firmly. This took less than a minute per cupcake. You can then add the decorative toppings. In our case, the topping consisted of marshmallows and yellow sprinkles. We were in a huge time crunch and I actually bought pre made, plain cupcakes with white frosting only.Then we had a little assembly line going where myself and two of my teenage cousins each had a task: one would apply the sleeve, one would apply the marshmallows and the last one would add the sprinkles. We finished 20 cupcakes in about 20 minutes!  The night after the party, I used a few of the sleeves, sprinkles and marshmallows that were left over and let my daughter make her own Popcorn Cupcake. It was so much fun - if a 5 year old can do it, anyone can!
 Notice that the cupcake topping now has a brighter yellow hue- one of my helpers saw the can of "Cake Spray Paint" that I'd purchased and assumed that the cupcakes should be sprayed - they looked SO MUCH better before that, with just marshmallows and sprinkles. We used Star candles to go along with the movie night theme but since my daughter was sick, we just let her blow out the candles on a small, plain cake so that everyone didn't wake up the next morning with a cold.

BUY IT: Purchase Cupcake Cuties at their website for $24. 
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I absolutely loved the Cupcake Cuties kit. It saved so much time and all my guests complimented the cupcake display and popcorn/movie theme. I plan to use Cupcake Cuties kits in the future - especially for kids' parties! 

Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate this review but this did not influence my opinion in any way. All opinons are completely my own and I have not been compensated in any way.