Thursday, November 18, 2010

Find Out How You Can Become a Savvy Sampler & Check Out the Eco Friendly Freebies They Sent Me

Have you signed up for the Savvy Sampler program at Naturally Savvy? If not, give it a try! Here's why I think you should:
I just came back from my trek  to the mail box. Besides junk mail and a Thanksgiving Greeting card from some Realtor, I had a lightly padded envelope from some company I didn't recognize. I was delighted to find a sampling of great goodies inside! It was a little sampler of Eco friendly and 'green' living products and coupons. WOW-I just smelled the soap and the fragrance is divine.

About 6 weeks ago - give or take a week - I signed up with a site called, on a whim. I think I found it while searching for "Green Living" websites. I didn't really think that anything would come of it because it said that there are no guarantees that you will receive any of their samples but I filled out the short form, just in case. You have to confirm your email address so I did that immediately. I also finished up any remaining steps -I think I just had to do a quick survey. 
If you want to give Naturally Savvy's Savvy Sampler program a try, simply fill out your contact info then they will send you a confirmation email containing a link to a survey. Now remember,this was a while back and I only vaguely remember the details - I am pretty sure that I had to fill out a survey. I KNOW that I had to respond to the confirmation email. If the survey that I am thinking of was, in fact, from Naturally Savvy, I believe that it took me about 10 minutes to complete. I had to answer questions about the types of products that I prefer to use and some basic information about my household like how many people live here and their ages. 
I am gleefully going through my goodies and coupons. I know that i am extremely excited about a few little samples but these are awesome samples!!  Let me tell you what you've been waiting for - the contents of my exciting package:

1. Aubrey Organics Evening Primrose Soothing Bath Bar 20g Sample (yes, it is a very small bar of soap but it just smells soooooo good!)

2.  Ecover All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner - Lemon Fragrance (again, it is a small bottle BUT it's concentrated so a little bit goes a very long way- and once again, it smells good, especially for a cleaning product)*A FAVORITE Product*

3.ReCharge LEMON flavored All Natural Sports Drink Mix - .14 oz stick packet, No Sugar Added, Made with Real Fruit Juice, All Natural, 10 Calories Per Serving 

4. Coupon for .75 Off any Recharge 8 pack - these are only about $2 normally so this will make for great savings!

5. CHOCOLATE - Okay, it is Chocolate Covered Vitamins but still! Healthy Indulgence Daily Wellness Balanced Multi Vitamin and Minerals, Enveloped in Decadent Dark Chocolate - 1 piece serving

So head on over to Naturally Savvy's Savvy Sampler page, fill out the info, confirm your email address, and any other requirements and maybe you too will be surprised and delighted by a surprise package of wonderful, fragrant little products!