Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Hangover & Diet Disaster+Dead Camera Batteries=Sad Mommy

 The table on the left in the background was just the snack table
The batteries on my camera died 5 minutes after we got there so I have no pictures of the kids getting their face painted, no pictures of all the games - I was so sad! I always bring spare batteries but had swapped out my normal bag for an orange pumpkin bag from Build A Bear. I did get the above picture and a few the night before but I really missed out on all the fun. We did take a couple of scary pictures today - my daughter's hair was very frightening much of the day. 
WHY Did I Start My Divalicious Challenge in OCTOBER??? Not only did I eat way too much candy, I also overindulged on Chocolate Cake, Pizza and pretty much everything you want to avoid when eating healthy. Church had a chili dinner - 10 different pots of chili or soup plus every kind of carb you can think of to go with the Chili and soup. Some of the carbs included rolls, cornbread, cornbread muffins, crackers of every kind, tortilla chips - then there was the dessert TABLE. I don't mean just a little dessert tray - there was a dessert buffet. 2 Punch Bowl Cakes, Chocolate Cakes, Cupcakes, Rice Crispy Treats, Lemon Bars, Apple Crisp Bars, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Orange and Black Cookies-I can't remember all the desserts but there were way too many. Then there was a snack table! Hot Dogs, Nachos with Cheese and Jalapenos, chips-basically if it was a no-no, it was there. And I ate. Now I feel so icky! 
BUT I am not letting it discourage me. Today is a new day and I am - well tomorrow is a new day and I am going to start back on my Divalicious Challenge! I couldn't let the leftover petit fours and cupcakes go to waste today - right? =)