Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Firefly Light Up Toothbrush for Babies & Children: Review

sleepy girl brushing her teeth - notice the red light in her mouth- courtesy of Firefly ® Step 1 Light Up® Toothbrush

The Product: Firefly ® Step 1 Light Up® Toothbrush is for babies ages 4-36 Months. Produced by Dr. Fresh, the Step 1 Light Up Toothbrush for babies is a soft toothbrush that lights up for one minute while your child brushes top or bottom teeth. One minute is the recommended amount of time most dentists set  for brushing one row of teeth. After brushing one row, you simply push the button again and the brightly colored, flashing light restarts so the other row can be brushed for one minute. 
My Take: Unfortunately, my daughter is considerably older than the recommended ages on this toothbrush but I knew that it couldn't hurt to give it a try. As I have mentioned previously, my daughter is not enthusiastic about brushing her teeth. So, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to review a product that might encourage her to brush her teeth regularly. So far, with the previously reviewed EvoraKids and this Fire Fly Toothbrush, we are off to a great start! She not only brushed her teeth but she also let me brush them - I only got one minute and I had to brush them with the overhead lights off but hey - I welcome any opportunity to make sure she has thoroughly brushed teeth. 
The toothbrush we were sent is geared towards younger children and it was smaller than the brushes we prefer but it did get her interested in brushing her teeth. The lights are very bright and she made sure to keep brushing until the lights had stopped blinking. If you have a child over 3 years, I recommend getting a brush that is designed for children in that age group because it was honestly very difficult to properly brush her teeth with a toothbrush that has such a small head, small but thick handle, and the bristles were way softer than what she is used to. I would have loved to have had this toothbrush a couple of years ago though! I do know that Dr. Fresh, the maker of FireFly toothbrush, has several Light Up Tooth Brushes for kids over the age of three so just make certain you purchase a toothbrush that is appropriate for your child's age group and I think you and your kids' will love the Fire Fly line from Dr. Fresh.
Buy It:  You can purchase FireFly Toothbrushes at many retailers, visit this link for a store locator. You can also purchase FireFly toothbrushes from for around $2.

Disclosure: I received a free FireFly Light Up Toothbrush to facilitate this review. This in no way affected my opinion or review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions on this blog are purely my own.