Thursday, October 7, 2010

Free 3 Month Subscription to Redbook

Get a FREE 3 Month Subscription to Redbook from Mercury Magazine. This is an absolutely free subscription with no credit card or billing info required- I have received several subscriptions through Mercury. After you accept the offer, it will ask if you want to participate any other offers but I ALWAYS decline. This makes it a much faster sign up process.

You have to fill out a questionnaire that asks your job, position and a few other generic job details. Mercury is paid by business publications to get people to subscribe to their free trade publications. Mercury in turn offers readers free popular magazines in exchange for also signing up for a trade publication. The trade publications are always free and they can be received in digital format - some only come once a month. I think it's a great deal - free magazines in exchange for 3 minutes of filling out a survey and getting an email once or twice a month!