Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flightless Goose Book Review - This Is a Must Have For Your Child's Home Library

A perfect addition to every child’s home library, “Flightless Goose” is a tale of tolerance, friendship and embracing the qualities that make one unique instead of being ashamed of them. This delightful and beautifully illustrated story book, along with it’s fantastic companion and the book’s cd are valuable tools when it comes to teaching children so many valuable lessons. Some of which are treating others with respect, being safe around automobiles, staying away from the street while playing and many more important subjects. Priced at just $15.95, right now if you order from the Flightless Goose website, you not only get this wonderful book, you also receive the audio read along cd and a Crayola Coloring Set Gift. 
Inspired by a real goose who was unable to fly after an accident, was written by Eric D. Goodman and illustrated by Natalya A. Goodman. Gilbert was a happy “normal” goose who loved  flying, playing, swimming and he did all of these things with his many goose friends. Sadly, an accident deprived Gilbert of his ability to fly. His friends were supportive at first but soon they began to torment Gilbert with mean tricks and hurtful taunts. Gilbert has a human friend named Johnny who is wheelchair bound. Johnny helps Gilbert to understand that his friends will realize one day that even though Gilbert is different, he is just as good as they are.  
When winter arrives, the geese all fly south and Gilbert is left alone. Although he is lonely and cold, he doesn’t let this stop him from playing and keeping busy. He strengthens his legs by running and gliding on the ice pond. 
When the geese come home, they still taunt Gilbert but his happy to be around them anyway. Soon after, too villains come to the pond. Each goose finds their life in danger - except Gilbert. He was able to use his leg strength to run from the two criminals.  Gilbert was able to reach Johnny and alert him to the dangerous men in time to save the other geese. By using the abilities he gained from being different, Gilbert was able to save his friends. He became a hero and from that day on, the other geese treated Gilbert with the respect he had always deserved. 
I shared this book two children between the ages of 4 and 6 - both girls - and they loved it. My daughter has asked for it as her bed time story several times and we've read it during our story time during the afternoon and it has helped me bring up many topics like bullying and friendship. I actually rewrote the review after she had an accident the other day that left her feeling self conscious and "ugly". She lost a front tooth and wouldn't speak or smile then when I started discussing the Flightless Goose with her again and reminding her that everyone is different but it doesn't make them less beautiful or special, it really helped to change her mood. Today she is back to her normal self and she keeps smiling in the mirror to see her "special" grin.
This book is a truly unique find. I don’t recall ever having read another children’s book that not only teaches tolerance, respect and emphasizes the joys of being unique - it also features a main character who is in a wheelchair. Even though Johnny couldn’t walk, he still helped to save the day and was a hero like Gilbert. I think it is very important for kids  to see characters who are unique and to understand that even though someone may be in a wheelchair, deaf, blind - no matter what circumstances make them unique, really they are no different from any other child. 
This book can also generate an important dialogue with your kids about crucial topics like being safe around the street and automobile safety. It also can spark conversations about tolerance, the ability to do what you want if you work hard enough, treating everyone with respect and many other valuable lessons. 
 I am so thankful to Shana at Writer's Lair Books for giving me the opportunity to review this fanastic book! 

Disclosure: I did receive a complimentary copy of this book and read along cd for review purposes from Writer's Lair Books. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own and are in no way influenced by others.  For more information see my Disclosure Policy.


Anonymous,  October 19, 2010 at 7:09 PM  

omg! i totally just bought that book yesterday.. i found it on sale somewhere. i can't remember where.. but as soon as i seen it & read thru it a little bit, i was sold! great book!