Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dixie Diva of the Week: Delene, Owner of Tsaleach Bath and Beauty LLC

Dixie Diva Deals first ever Dixie Diva of the week is Delene - owner of Tsaleach Bath and Beauty LLC! Read this quick Q&A to find out how Tsaleach Bath and Beauty got it's name, how Delene got started and find out how to win a Luxurious Bath and Body Set from!

Q: First, tell me about the name of  your company - it is such a beautiful and unique name. Where did come from?
A: The name Tsaleach comes from a Hebrew word meaning, "to have, cause, and bring success and prosperity, to overcome mightily, to be victorious." When I learnt I was pregnant with a little girl, I knew that was the name to give her because she would need to be a strong successful woman in the world we live in. I also didn't want her to go through the things I went through as a child, so it was very important to give her a strong name. Unfortunately, there were people who told me she would hate me because her name is so unusual, so we named our company after her to dispel that myth and to make more people familiar with her lovely name. 

How did  you get started with running your own business?
I started off by making candles for special occasions. Then I started making lotions and soaps for Christmas gifts. People liked them so much, a friend convinced me to start selling them as a business.

Give me a brief description of your products(in a sentence or two):
We use old fashioned ingredients, ie natural ingredients and our own specially formulated recipes to bring you high quality, natural products that leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and very pampered. We don't compromise on quality and do our very best to keep products affordable.
We don't just sell these products, we use them ourselves!

I noticed that you are avid about giving back - tell me briefly about the charity you are affiliated with:
We believe in giving back, so we often donate products to non-profit organizations or make donations from sales. Right now we are donating 10% of all sales to Lamb International. Their website We list the donations we've made

Tell me a little bit about yourself - what did you do before you started My Tsaleach?
I used to be a speech therapist and audiologist and have a master's degree in early childhood intervention. I gave up practicing when I became a mom and am now a stay at home mom who homeschools her kids, works at night, and does bath and body on the side.

Tell me your interests - what are you passionate about?
My passions are my family, my children's education, the welfare of children and making them happy, helping those in need, my business, working towards getting out of debt and being able to own our own home, writing educational materials, finding ways fun ways to educate kids, etc. Oh, and playing Tap Tap Revenge 3 on my iphone and beating my husband at it - LOL. 

I noticed that there are several products that can be personalized - do you enjoy customizing your products?
I LOVE personalizing gifts and products. My mind is constantly running with new ideas. 

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