Thursday, September 30, 2010

Review: Python Printable Party Pack for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving Fun

Just a small sampling of the games available from Python Printable

This year I will be having a Halloween party and a birthday party in the Fall- not to mention a few other get togethers I will either be planning or attending between now and December. So when I was offered the opportunity to review a Fall Party Pack from Python Printable, I jumped at the chance! 
I am always looking for fun and affordable activites for kids or for party games and with 50 games, crafts and activities to choose from- I found exactly what I was looking for at Python Printable. With 50 activites suitable for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Fall, this party pack is filled with Memory Games, Word Finds, Left To Right, Trivia, Crosswords, Coloring Pages and too many more activities to list. We've only had these downloadable games for the past 3 nights and in that time we've spent at least 6 hours coloring and doing activities and even spent  yesterday afternoon doing a Scavenger Hunt that was included in the Party Pack! 
This weekend, I will be attending a football game get together and the Printable Football Games will be perfect for a pre or post game activity! I also found this great Name That Candy Bar Game that has taken 15 famous candy bars and turned them into the punchline for 15 fantasy gravestone epitaphs - what could be more perfect for my Tombstone Haunted House Party next month?  
In this Fall Party Activity, Craft & Game Pack,  you get at least 50 activities that download to your computer instantly and have unlimited prints available for $19.95 - BUT using this link Python Printable provided to my readers, you get $5 off your purchase! Also, use this link to get free coloring pages for your kids, grandkids, students - anyone who might enjoy them! I definitely think that this Game package is a bargain at $14.95 (price after coupon)! You can buy individual games at $6.95 each but of course with the package deal you get a MUCH better deal and you can instantly play 50 different games and activities! Buy the package, download instantly then make a master file if you like so you can make copies of these activities for years to come! Or print directly from your computer, whichever you prefer!
Lots of Crafts including Naughty or Nice Junk Food Education Game

I highly recommend this package from Python Printable to parents, grandparents, teachers, room mothers, anyone who works w/kids-it's also great to have on hand for teens and adults. We had so much fun during the Scavenger Hunt and playing the memory and match games. You will definitely get your money's worth and even better are the fun memories you'll create with all the games and activites in the Fall Party Pack.

Scavenger Hunt in the Yard!

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