Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Tsaleach Goat's Milk Soap: Creamy, Luxurious and AMAZING

I was going to go to bed but I had to come back and post a quick review of's Goat's Milk Soap in the "Satin Sheets" fragrance. This isn't even my soap - it belongs to little Dixie Darling- she also gave it her highest praise!  I had to give this soap a try after seeing how well it lathered and moisturized DD- it is amazing. The fragrance is light and perfect and the soap is soft and moisturizing. I know it wasn't intended for this but "Dixie Darling" suggested using the lamb shaped bar as a shampoo. Before I could say no, her head was lathered and ready to rinse. It actually worked nicely!  I have used shampoo bars in the past so I too decided to give this cute, divinely fragranced little bar a try as my shampoo as well. I liked it! The goats milk soap lathers up luxuriously. I have baby fine hair that is weighed down by most conditioners but it is too easily tangled to use shampoo alone. Well after using the bar, I let my hair dry naturally and it looked pretty good! It is wavy and looks fuller than usual. Also, I love that I didn't have to use conditioner. I did use Sweet Lili scented body splash(one of my favorite products of all time) as a leave in conditioner though so maybe that helped with the detangling. 
I love the 'Satin Sheets' fragrance. It is a soft, lovely scent that would be perfect for children and adults. We all love it here-grownups, kids, boys and girls. Another 5 star product from My  Tsaleach! For more information about My Tsaleach and information on  how you can get a discount and free gift with purchase, go to Dixie Diva's My Tsaleach promotion. While  you're at it, swing by her Facebook page, "like" it and tell her that I sent you! We can both be entered to win a gift voucher for some amazing Tsaleach products!