Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Tsaleach Dixie Diva Promo Code - get a discount & free sampler kit with your purchase(only with Dixie Diva's Promo!)

I am SO excited about this promotion My Tsaleach has agreed to do for me! As many of you know, I love her products so much that they are the only ones I use right now! Fragrance, lotion, body splash (that also works as leave in hair conditioner!)- she has it all! Her prices are insanely reasonable. I am obsessed with many of the products. I have requested a gallon size of her miraculous healing balm(it's called stretch mark balm but works on sooo much more) that works on everything from stretch marks to eczema to problems with irritated legs after shaving. It is just what I called it - a miracle balm! My daughter believes it actually heals her boo-boos and I KNOW that it healed a months long problem I had after an allergic reaction on my legs.
Before I go on and on, let me give you the promo details! Read carefully so you will know what to put in the comments section for sampler kit!
5% off orders $20 or more using code DIXIEDIVA2010 runs from 09/1/10-10/31/10
All orders receive a free sample pack included with their order (Must say dixie diva in comment box to receive it)

AND be sure to go like her facebook page and post on the wall that Dixie Diva sent you so you can be entered to win a $15 gift voucher!
My favorite scent is Sweet Lili. I just saw My Tsaleach on another site's giveaway page one day and decided to enter to the giveaway because it was for bath crayons which my 4 year old daughter would like I thought. I have had some horrible experiences with homemade products that I bought from etsy so I was a bit leery when it came to spending my vastly limited resources on more products that might not work out. Delene - the owner - was so incredibly helpful, professional and knowledgeable that I had to give it a shot. I ordered some of the products she suggested - I told her what type of fragrance I liked and she listed a few that might work for me - she is uncannily good at that sort of thing! I ordered Sweet Lili - her signature fragrance - in a twist up lotion bar and body splash. I also bought a lotion bar and small body splash in floral citrus(my daughter claimed those). She sent me some samples of rainwater and Isaiah eau de toilette and they were amazing too and led to more devotees, my parents! I bought my daughter some bath crayons and twist up soap bath crayons. Well of course she loves them. She has eczema so it's hard to find products she can use. She now feels so grown up being able to bathe herself and she loves that she can see if she's rinsed well because the color goes away after she gets rinsed completely. Another use I have found for the twist up soaps and lotions is putting them in my purse when I go shopping and we use the twist up soap instead of the drying and horrible hand soaps at the stores. Then we break out the twist up lotion to moisturize and "smell like an angel" as my daughter says.
Anyway, I took a chance and wound up loving every single thing I purchased. So much so that a week or two later I made two more orders! My mom loved the rainwater scent so much that she had me order her a set of perfume, soaps, body splash and twist up lotions. My dad even wanted a set of Isaiah products but I just got him the twist up soap because he loved my daughter's soaps so much - he tried to take it from her! I bought some of the miracle balm and have gone through 4 oz in a week! It's time for another order! Don't get me wrong, the sizes are large and definitely you get MORE than what you pay for. We just all love it and my daughter and I can't get enough of the balm - I slather it on my legs, feet, arms  and I use it about 10x's a day. My father is diabetic and has problems with his feet and he loves the balm as well!  My daughter also requires a post bath massage with the balm on her back and feet!! I am going to really have to get Delene to make me an industrial size container of several products! I highly recommend that you take a chance like I did. You won't regret it. My review just doesn't do these homemade products justice!