Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Freebies from Kellee Maize: Download Kellee's album on Amazon for a free bracelet, share her new video on FB for free gemstone

Kellee Maize is a female rapper who has quite a following. Her album has been number one rap album on Amazon in the past and she frequently sends out free bracelets, anklets, cds and  now gemstones to anyone who downloads or shares her music.

Right now, the first 12,000 people to share her new music video on Facebook or Twitter will get a gemstone for their birth month.

She also has another freebie promotion  going on:

Download Kelle Maize's album for free on Amazon.  Forward by email your Amazon receipt to  with your mailing address. I ordered mine in early August and haven't received it yet but I keep getting emails saying it's on the way "next week."  Some people have gotten their freebie, some haven't. If you want to give it a try, keep in mind the lyrics have an explicit warning on Amazon.

Here is the info from Kellee Maize's page:

1. Download my album, Aligned Archetype on Amazon - FREE.

2. Email me your Amazon receipt (just forward
me the email Amazon sends you) along with
your mailing address to