Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ideas for an "Eco Friendly" Birthday Party & FREE Planet Protectors Kits (up to 30), Lorax Activity Books (up to 10) for party favors

For an Earth Friendly AND economical birthday party, start ordering freebies as they become available - when your child's birthday party gets here, you should be well prepared with favors and lots of fantastic ideas!

Order up to 30 Planet Protector Kits - Select the number you need of each item, enter your contact and shipping info the hit the order button! These would make great party favors at a Planet Protectors/Eco Friendly B"Earth" Day party - yeah I know, that was pretty bad but you know what I mean!
Another party favor idea is the Lorax Activity Book - you can get up to 10 sent to you for free.

I will add more party favors and links as I find them! Here are a few links to party ideas for earth friendly birthday parties:
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Earth's Birthday Project