Friday, September 24, 2010

Get FREE or CHEAP Products at Kings Lane With This Special Limited Time Offer!

Sign up at Kings Lane now to get FREE $15 CREDITThere is an awesome sale today and you can get items for next to nothing. Go to their Core Bamboo kitchen Sale for utensils, bowls, and other accessories - there were and may still be several items you can get for FREE-they may have sold out- but if they are in stock & priced under $7 they will be totally free!  I know there are still plenty you can get for cheap after your $15 credit for signing up.  There are also items for $3 and $5 shipped (Reg. $28 and up) One Kings Lane  works directly with the world's top home decor brands to secure incredible prices for members. You will receive access to these great deals through online sales events, each featuring one brand and lasting 72 hours. Every event includes a limited quantity of hand-selected products at substantial discounts, typically 50-70% off retail. Availability of goods is first come, first served. 

GET THIS WHILE IT'S STILL AVAILABLE!  The Picnic at Ascot section has this two bottle Wine Carrier is $15.00 so you will just pay the $7.95 Shipping

And at Bamboo, perhaps my favorite right now is this Medium for just $16 - after credit and shipping, you pay just $8.95! A great cutting board with two-tone style and all the health benefits of (naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial!) bamboo. Made of 100% organically grown bamboo, each piece is crafted with the finest hand selected bamboo stalks (reg. $32)

Also, this 12 pack set from xochi is just $15 so after shipping you'd pay just $7.95(reg. $30)

Sign up HERE to get a $15 credit in your account and start shopping! Go NOW! These deals are selling out like crazy.  Some of the items I bought are already GONE. 

Remember, new sales are added every day! If you don't see something you like today, sign up anyway while the credit is available then check back each day. One day soon you'll find the perfect - probably FREE - item!