Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ENDED -FREE Sample of Rephresh Tampons

Get your FREE Sample of Rephresh Tampons now!
Introducing the first and only tampon clinically shown to reduce the usual vaginal pH increase during your period. Traditional tampons simply absorb and retain fluids. Menstrual fluids have an elevated pH and tampons retain these fluids inside your body. RepHresh® Brilliant™ pH Tampons provide excellent absorbency and leak protection like traditional tampons, but they also have pH-Reducing Micro-Ribbons that reduce the usual vaginal pH increase during your period. 

Sorry everyone, this one ended, I misread the form. There was a free deal a few days ago but it was over after a couple of hours. Where it says code I entered my zip code and assumed it said my box was on the way - it said INVALID CODE of course, I apologize!!!