Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FREE Redbox Code for Thanks a Billion Event! Plus FREE rental when you get new account!

To get your free rental just rent a movie from Rebox, then go to the Thanks a Billion website and enter the code from your redbox movie. This will score you a FREE rental code AND you will be entered to win other great prizes.

If you don't have a Redbox account, go HERE  to set up your account and get a free rental just for signing up!

Attention, redblog fans and friends: We’ve got big, bigBIG news!
Redbox hit 1 BILLION RENTALS over the holiday weekend, and it’s because of movie lovers like you!  (And as movie lovers, you definitely thought of Dr. Evil when you just read ’1 billllliiion‘ in that last sentence, didn’t you?)
What’s more, this here blog is now two years old.  Redblog’s second birthday… redbox’s 1 billionth rental… you decide what’s a bigger deal, m’kay?
Anywhoooo, as a way of saying thanks, redbox is giving away lots of prizes, including a free one-night DVD rental for everyone who rents in September. Yes, you read that correctly, folks.
Jump over to the Thanks a Billion web site for more details, and then stay tuned for a heck of a lot of celebrating across redblog, the redbox Facebook fan page, and the redbox Twitter feed for the rest of September!