Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Free" Pixable Photobook, just pay S&H (around $5)

This "Free" Photo book from Pixable is about $5 after s&h.This isn't as good of a deal as some of the past photo book offers from Picaboo or Shutterfly but it is very simple to use and not bad at $5. I can't speak to the quality of these albums though because I've never ordered one. 
You can create an album using pictures from Facebook, your computer, Flickr and a couple other sources. Creating the photo book is quick and easy. The 8x5.5 photo books are $9.95 normally but with code PIXBOOK -add it at checkout - you just pay shipping and handling. If you want a larger hardback book, they are $24.95 and the code takes off $9 so you get an 8x8 hardcover photo album for around $20 after shipping(again, not a great deal). 
I may order the free book just because it was so darned cute and honestly the process of making it was easier than any other of the photo sites' album creators - the only prob is that it is not one of the best offers I've seen. I'll keep shopping around for a better deal for everyone!