Monday, September 20, 2010

For Great Deals at Toys R Us, Use these Tag, Hasbro and other printable coupons!

Toys R Us is having a huge sale for Geoffrey's Birthday this week. Many products are eligible for a buy two get third free deal this week. To make an even better deal, use the coupons below! My math skills aren't great but I have listed some possible scenarios and coupons that could save you lots of $$$! Some of these scenarios may not work. The 3rd game is considered free so many cashiers won't take 3 coupons for the 2 for 3 deals. Some will though. The transactions focus on 2 deals: Buy 2 get 3rd Free Leap Frog Tag books, Buy 2 get 3rd Free Hasbro Monopoly and Sorry board games(these 2 games are also on sale for $7.99) OR the Connect 4 and Guess Who Travel Games which are $5.99 and $6.99 (coupon excludes card games but not travel games).

Print 2 Leap Frog Coupons from for $4 off Tag books (go to Toys section to find coupon quickly) If you can print 3 coupons, you may be able to use all 3 of them depending on your cashier
Print 2 Hasbro coupons for $4 off Monopoly, Sorry and Life board games & 2 coupons for $4 off Pictureka, Connect 4 or Guess Who (after you print the 1st coupon, hit the back button on your browser and refresh the page) If you have 3 coupons(you would have to use separate computers), you may be able to use all 3 of them depending on your cashier
Print 2 Hasbro Coupons for $4 off Guess Who and Connect 4 board games (print 3 coupons if you can get them, once again you would have to use 2 computers)

Also Take along this $5 off $25 purchase Toys R Us coupon

Transaction Scenario:
Buy 3 Monopoly or Sorry Board Games (on sale for $7.99)=$15.98
Buy 3 Leap Frog Tag Books (prices start at $10.99, possibly less)=$21.98
Use $5 off $25 purchase Toys R Us coupon=-$5
Use 2 Leap Frog Tag Coupons and 2 Hasbro Coupons= -$16
                                                                  Total OOP=$16.96

You could get the Connect 4 or Guess  Who Travel Games but if you want the Monopoly/Sorry deal, you need to purchase the travel games in a separate transaction. If you did get them all at one time, they would just take off the lowest priced games so your deal wouldn't be that great. 

If you are able to get 3 of each coupon and luck up on a cashier who will let you use all 3(technically one item is free so you may not be able to use 3 coupons) , you can get 3 Leap Frog Tag Books and 3 Monopoly or Sorry board games for less than $10 after 6 coupons and the Toys R Us printable!